.NET Developer

  • Research & Development
  • Poznan and Warsaw, Poland

.NET Developer

Job description

We are looking for .NET enthusiasts to join our team and help us develop market leading PSIM platform. You will be responsible for integrating our physical security information management platform with third-party systems like access control, video surveillance, intrustion detection, voice evacuation, fire detection and more. Depending on the system you might be required to use high level .NET SDKs or implement low level vendor-specific protocols. This position mostly involves backend development, but if you have any frontend skills (web or desktop), those might come in handy as well sometimes.

Work model

Currently, like most IT companies, we have a fully remote working model. Office doors remain open if you don't like to work from home or need some change once in a while. In future (post-covid era) we will still offer and support remote work but this openning is not for a fully remote position, because we would like our employees to meet in person, e.g. once a week to discuss strategic topics. All developers have individual dedicated workspace in the office which is available to them 24/7.


  • Choice of employment form, contract of employment (UoP) or freelance contract (B2B)
  • Flexible working time and model (on-site and remote)
  • Dedicated workspace for each employee
  • Flat management structure
  • Sports card (MultiSport, also for family members)
  • Integration events, company breakfasts, swag, tea/coffee points
  • Education budget (books, conferences, courses)
  • Private building, free parking spots for cars & bicycles

Job requirements

Minimum requirements:

  • student or graduate of computer science studies (sorry, no bootcamps)
  • full proficiency in English (allthough it's our second language, we all use it in peer code reviews, task descriptions, manuals, etc.)
  • basic knowledge of C# language and .NET ecosystem (including .NET Framework, we are migrating to .NET 5, but for now this is still required)
  • basic knowledge of Git

Bonus points for knowing:

  • communication: HTTP, WCF, WebSocket, Modbus, BACnet, OPC, TCP/UDP, SNMP
  • libraries: Autofac, Nancy, Topshelf, Log4net, NUnit, Moq
  • collaboration: Confluence, Jira, GitHub, Gerrit
  • tools: Wireshark, Postman, Fiddler
  • formats: XML, JSON, INI, YAML
  • operating system: Linux
  • language: German